New YouTube Channel!

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all having a great September!

So my YouTube channel is finally up and moving!  have my first video up, I’m super excited about it so I hope you’ll check it out and let me know what you think!:)

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Check out all of the new posts on The Urban Lioness! I just recently started a weekly Friday Blogger Spotlight and the second installment posts tomorrow! Be sure to check out last week’s as well:)


Absolutely Feminine Florals

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I’m really excited about this one, this feminine top is so flirty and fun! I also just got a new camera and I’m so happy about the clarity it produces! Check it out and let me know what you think!:)


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A creamy faux leather jacket with textured neutrals and bold,  printed and beaded sandals!

YOUTUBE.Dear my…


Dear my Wonderful Followers,
If anyone wants to check it out, here’s the link to the YouTube video I just made! It’s kind of a sum of what my blog is about and an opening for what’s to come on my YouTube channel! I’ll be posting new videos of shopping/styling tips and possibly beauty/makeup tutorials and/or reviews. I’m still undecided about the latter! I hope you enjoy it, don’t forget to subscribe if you like it!:)

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The Trend: High-Low Dress

A romantic pleated high-low dress perfect for dates or family gatherings! See the rest of this post at

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A Little Preview

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Here’s a little sneak peak: